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A Feature on DC Comics: Would You Read This? (part two)

In our last post, we shared our first batch of ideas that we think would make great additions to the DC Comics solicits. Admittedly, a little Bat-heavy, we have three more titles that strays away from the land of Gotham--er, mostly.

4. Superman/Boy (Jon Kent), Aquaman/Lad (Jackson Hyde), Robin (Tim Drake), The Ray and Bunker form the JLQ to fight the greatest enemies of the DC Universe! DC has officially introduced the JLQ in their holiday book, but most of the characters are unknowns and seems like a pretty weak attempt at the JLQ concept. Now that a Superman Family and a Bat Family character have joined the LGBTQ ranks, put them front and center (we didn't include Batwoman since she seems better as a solo title character). I'm sure there are other worthy characters that could be members of this team, but hey, this is MY idea of a book we'd pick up off the racks.

5. When Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, finds a time travel device on his dystopian, animal-run world and is transported back in time to "our DC future" where he must team up with Batman Beyond and others to get home. But what happens when Batman learns that in Kamandi's future a terrible incident will decimate Earth and that if Kamandi doesn't return, the Great Disaster won't happen! This is the premise for a six issue mini-series (just enough for a trade!) called Kamandi: The Last Boy Beyond!

6. Our final entry in the books we'd like to see DC make is Sideways Kills the DC Universe. In our take, a slightly older teenage Derek James is forced to join the secret spy group, Spyral, when they discover Sideways will be responsible for the destruction of the DC Universe. With no other option than to join the ranks of Spyral, Derek must use his universe-jumping abilities to find out what is destined to happen--or he might just find out his new Spyral allies are poised to end him! Sideways was launched as part of the New Age of Superheroes initiative that was supposed to focus on the art as much or more than the story. Of all the series, Sideways lasted longer than most and was even had the potential to be the Spider-Man of the DC Universe. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and after 13 issues and an appearance in Young Justice, has mostly been non-existent. We think it's time that DC give Sideways a proper treatment again, even if it's in a short mini-series.

Those are our attempts at ideas that we would like to see in the DC Comics solicits someday. What do you think? What would you like to see?


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